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Title Support's lien searches will include the following for all 67 Counties in Florida:
Real Estate Taxes

Property taxes on land and building. Property taxes become due November 1st each year. We perform a search with the County Tax Collector's office and obtain the following information: 1) we provide a copy of the current year tax bill and confirm if they are paid or not, 2) we also check and provide payoffs for any delinquent taxes that may be owed, including tax deeds.

Tangible Taxes

Tangible taxes are levied against the furniture, equipment and fixtures located in businesses and/or rental properties.

Special Assessments

We check for any special assessments that may be levied against the subject property. Assessments sometimes have to be paid in full when the property changes ownership but some can be paid in installments and/or are included in the property tax bills until they are paid in full. Examples of assessments include: water/sewer lines, impact fees and paving assessments.

Municipal/County Debts

We check for any outstanding debts that may be owed. In some cases these debts might already be recorded liens. Examples of debts include: lot mowing bills, garbage removal, board up and demolition.

Garbage/Solid Waste

We include any outstanding garbage bills, advise you if the property uses a private hauler or alert you if garbage is included in the property tax bill.

Water and Sewer

We include information on any outstanding water and sewer bills against the subject property. Please note that not all utility departments have lien rights and some municipalities/counties choose not to exercise their lien rights. Some of the utility providers that do not have or exercise lien rights will not release account information to third parties.

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement information is obtained for each lien search. Our search will include information on open complaints, cases and citations and in some cases code liens. Please note that most code departments refer us to the title search for code liens. If a code lien appears on the title search, please let us know and we will gladly obtain a payoff.

Open and Expired Permits

Our office will include any open or expired permits against the subject property. Expired permits can often have fees that must be paid and inspections that must be done before the permit can be closed out.

Homeowners/Condominium Estoppels

Upon request, we will obtain an estoppel letter from either the association management company or directly from the association. If it turns out that the property is in collections with the association's attorney, we will automatically obtain a payoff. In addition to the estoppel/payoff letter we will also try to obtain a ledger and if the property is bank owned, a W9 as well. If our research shows that the property pays to any additional association(s) that were not provided on the order, we will automatically obtain estoppel/payoff letters for each association. Estoppel letters and attorney payoffs are separate from the lien search and additional fees/expenses will apply.

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